Research & Development

Wipro Group R&D Set-up

Wipro’s R&D setup stands out by promising consumers a range of exciting products with cutting-edge ingredients and potent actives which are carefully formulated for superior performance, compatibility, and an indulgent sensorial experience. Upholding the highest standards of safety and effectiveness, our dedicated team of researchers and scientists from diverse science disciplines, coupled with collaborative network of research experts from local and overseas institutions ensures continuous innovation and advancement in our offerings across cosmeceutical, skincare & beauty, personal care, and household care products.

Our Research & Innovation (R&I) Centre in Malaysia is renowned as one of the world’s largest, most advanced Halal R&D facility in fulfilling the need of Halal cosmetics in Malaysia and other parts of this region riding on the latest science and technology.

Furthermore, Wipro has established strong R&D networks and product development teams across several countries, driven by the mission to expedite product innovation and swiftly bring cutting-edge offerings to the market. Notably, these countries encompass China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and South Africa.

In line with our business strategy, Wipro also harnesses expertise through collaborative networks with local and overseas institutions, focusing on technology transfer and expanding new technology platforms concerning skin and hair research.

About Wipro Research & Innovation (R&I) Centre in Malaysia

Our Research & Innovation (R&I) Centre in Malaysia is renowned as one of the world’s largest and most advanced Halal state-of-the-art R&D facilities. This center is actively engaged in extensive research, aiming to achieve a profound understanding and technical insights into new active molecule discovery, formulation technology, and clinical research targeting Asian skin of specific ethnicity. The primary goal is to drive new product innovation, tailored to meet diverse consumer needs in the Asia Pacific region and South Africa

The center adheres to non-animal testing practices relying on the adoption of cutting-edge molecular biology research techniques and bioinformatics. These alternatives are utilized for product formulation design, product efficacy evaluation, and safety testing, ensuring a commitment to ethical and innovative approaches in their scientific endeavors. Furthermore, as part of our core expertise, the center is actively into advanced skin and hair delivery system research riding on nanotechnology platform. The advanced delivery system is designed to ensure optimal bioavailability of functional actives, effectively delivering them into the skin and hair. The center also focuses on analytical research, employing state-of-the-art equipment for advanced chemical, microstructural, and bio-analytical analysis of complex compounds, formulations, and bio- specimens to drive product innovation.

In addition, the center conducts extensive clinical research to gain new insights into skin and hair characteristics under different climatic conditions and ethnicities prevalent in the Asia Pacific region and South Africa. This comprehensive approach enhances their ability to cater to the specific needs of diverse consumer demographics in these regions.

Wipro Group R&D Missions & Best Practices

  1. Our primary focus is on developing consumer-centric products of exceptional quality, ensuring efficacy, stability, and cost-effectiveness.
  2. We emphasize designing products that are non-animal-based, incorporating advanced functional actives, offering superior skin and hair compatibility, a delightful sensorial experience, and robust efficacy.
  3. All our products undergo rigorous safety testing in accordance with the highest European Union standards and guidelines before being introduced to the market.
  4. We are committed to promoting sustainability by reducing plastic consumption in our packaging design and adopting energy-saving process technology at our facilities.
  5. Our dedication to continuous clinical research, considering climatic conditions in the Asia Pacific and South Africa region, allows us to tailor our products to suit the needs of Asian and African skin types.
  • Cruelty free & animal free testing
  • Global Research & Innovation centers
  • Advanced Halal R&D facility