Code of Business Conduct

The Wipro Enterprises Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (COBCE) provides the ethical guidelines and expectations for conducting business on behalf of Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited (Company), its subsidiaries and associate companies. The COBCE applies to all – employees, board of directors and those engaged on contract. Any individual or the company that serves an extension of the Company is bound by the COBCE. They too are expected to adhere to it measure while working for and on behalf of Wipro.

The COBCE is in accordance with Spirit of Wipro, our core values. The Spirit of Wipro is beacon. It gives us a clear direction and a sense of purpose. It is the touchstone for all that we do

1. Commitment to integrity

WIPRO UNZA Group’s Code of Business Conduct is the cornerstone of our commitment to integrity. Wherever we operate, we will endeavor to comply with:
– All applicable legal requirements, and
– Ethical standards set out in this Code

2. Employees

At WIPRO UNZA we seek to build a workplace that is safe, professional, and supportive of teamwork and trust. Everyone who works for WIPRO UNZA contributes to our success and to creating a distinctive company. Working together, drawing from our diverse talents and perspectives, we will stimulate new and creative opportunities for our business.

We are committed to creating a working environment which does not discriminate employees and business associates on the grounds of sex, age, race, religion and culture.

We will also seek to work in good faith with trade unions and other bodies that our employees collectively choose to represent them within the appropriate legal framework.

3. Business partners

At WIPRO UNZA, we believe that business relationships founded on trust and mutual advantage, where both sides benefit, are vital to our success. We will strive to create mutual advantage by understanding the needs of our customers, contractors, suppliers and joint ventures and conducting ourselves honestly, responsibly and fairly.

Our continued success internationally depends on competing aggressively, but when we compete, we will compete fairly and in full compliance with the law.

3.1. Gifts and entertainment

WIPRO UNZA has a strict policy on Gifting and Entertainment; which prescribes our employee conduct for all situations. WIPRO UNZA follow a strict “No Gifts” policy for all regulations and statutory bodies and personnel. In all other business situations, the code calls for nil gifting and prescribes nominal values for certain trade and local custom related gifting occasions.

The exchange of gifts and entertainment can build goodwill in business relationship, but some gifts and entertainment can create improper influence. Some even can be seen as bribes that tarnish WIPRO UNZA’s reputation for fair dealing or break the law.

3.2. Conflicts of interest

WIPRO UNZA respects its employee’s privacy and therefore does not normally take an interest in personal conduct outside of work. However, when an employee’s personal, social, financial or political activities have potential of interfering with the employee’s loyalty and objectivity toward the Group, a conflict of interest may exist that must be satisfactorily resolved. Actual conflicts must be avoided, but even the appearance of a conflict of interest can be harmful, too.

Conflicts of interest can arise in many ways. Here are examples of some of the common ones. Outside employment and affiliation can create conflicts of interest:

  • – A second job
  • – Serving as a director or consultant
  • – Holding a financial interest (either directly or via a spouse or close relative)

Any of the above relating to an organization that is a competitor, customer or supplier of goods and services to WIPRO UNZA, may raise a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

3.3. Money laundering

Money Laundering is the process by which individuals or entities try to conceal illicit funds, or otherwise make these funds look legitimate.

WIPRO UNZA will not condone, facilitate, or support money laundering.

4. Company assets & financial integrity

We have the responsibility as well as a legal duty to protect the physical, intellectual property and financial assets of WIPRO UNZA. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations (including GAAP) in each jurisdiction where we operate. We will be forthright & transparent about our operations and performance, accurate in the recording and reporting of data and results and exercise care in the use of our assets and resources.

Documents and records must be retained in accordance with the law.

5. Governments, business associates and communities

WIPRO UNZA’s aim is that in the countries and communities in which we operate should benefit from our presence, through the wealth and jobs created, the skills developed within the local population and the investment of our time and money in people. We will work towards improvements that are measurable and contribute to the real, independent growth of communities where we operate.

We will not engage in bribery or corruption in any form. Corruption is the enemy of development and human progress, and we are committed to transparency in all our dealings.

We will engage constructively with all governments in whose jurisdiction we operate. The company will not participate in political activity, and will make no political contributions in any country.

6. External communication – investors, analysts & the media

External communications with these audiences require careful consideration and require a unique understanding of legal and media issues. Only those employees specially authorized to do so may respond to enquiries from members of the investment community (e.g. shareholders, brokers, investment analysts, media etc.).

7. Health, safety, security and the environment (HSSE)

WIPRO UNZA is committed to providing every WIPRO UNZA employee, and those of other companies working on our premises, with a safe and secure work environment where no one is subject to unnecessary risk.

We recognize that safe operations depend not only on sound plant and equipment, but also on competent people and an active HSSE culture.

Simply obeying safety rules is not enough. WIPRO UNZA’s commitment to safety means each of us needs to be alert to safety risks as we go about our jobs.

Wherever we operate, we will strive to minimize any damage to the environment arising from our activities.

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